Beware of the Wedding Tax

This is really a big deal

Research shows that getting married is in the top 10 of the most stressful things you’ll ever experience.  Its right up there with getting cancer or other major illness, going to prisondeath of a close family member, and getting fired. Too much stress leads to:

  • Bad decision making
  • Irritability
  • Risky behavior
  • Forgetfulness

Wedding vendors bear the brunt of much of the stress the bride (and her family) is feeling – and they make you pay for it.

Wedding vendors deal with indecisiveness, anger, inability to communicate, unrealistic expectations, mistrust, and most obviously, all while taking direction from individuals who do not plan events for a living. Individuals who have no idea that at their lovely barn venue they might need to spray for mosquitoes and order port-a potties to accommodate for their guest’s comfort. Individuals who fight them tooth and nail when the vendor is simply trying to make their wedding day a beautiful experience for everyone involved.

Why is that?

Stress makes us all do crazy stuff! According an article written in Current Directions in Psychological Science, when people under stress are making a difficult decision, they may pay more attention to the upsides of the alternatives they’re considering and less to the downsides. So, the bride is thinking about the ideal image of a gorgeous rustic wedding she has seen in styled photo shoots in magazines or on Pinterest, and not about dodging cowpies, ordering enough port-a-potties, and spraying for mosquitoes.

No wonder why there is a “wedding tax”. Consider it battle pay for helping stressed out people plan and execute a milestone life event that they have never experienced before and making that experience a beautiful representation of the couple’s vision.

So what’s a bride to do?

Here is a fabulous tool that will get you out of paying the wedding tax by using the exact same tools wedding planners use to source vendors! The masterclass series