4 Tips for Your RSVP Management

Every bride dreams that guests will quickly fill in their RSVP cards and send them back before the requested date.

Unfortunately, the reality is, some guests will not adhere to your deadline, giving you a headache and send you scrambling to contact the non responders.  Here are a few tips to help you manage the RSVP process with your friends and family.

1. Number the back of each response card to coincide with the guest name on your numbered guest list. This will assist you as you begin to receive a flood of RSVP cards, and realize someone forgot to add their name. You won’t believe the amount of time you can waste trying to figure that out.

2. If you have the ability to collect RSVPs online, be sure to provide that information on the response card. Just be sure that you also have a way for guests who may not be computer savvy to also submit their response to you.

3. Always include a pre-addressed and stamped envelope for the response card to be returned to you. Though it may seem like an unnecessary expense, it is courteous  and will encourage you’re guest to make their decision and mail it back to you promptly.

4. To figure out what RSVP date to give your guests, add  two weeks on to your deadline given to you by your venue/caterer. The extra time will serve as a buffer to give you time to reach out to any stragglers that have not responded.

These are just a few tips to help you weed through the madness. It’s a tedious but necessary task you must complete to provide accurate numbers to your caterers and venue.

Today’s guest blogger is The Desktop Diva,  Wedding Etiquette Consultant, LaDonna Bethea. LaDonna uses her knowledge and skills to provide classy papers for all types of social events and hosts wedding etiquette workshops throughout North Carolina.