The cheapest deal in town

I hear a version of this question all the time

Do you know a baker, DJ, florist, photographer, etc that isn’t too expensive/has reasonable prices/is inexpensive/doesn’t cost too much/is low cost?

It is easy to get sticker shock when doing research on what putting a wedding together actually costs.  I get that.  Letting price be the deciding factor for selecting your vendors could present you with a headache in the long run.  If you find a vendor who has the cheapest prices in town, here are some possible reasons that the prices being quoted are rock bottom:

1. The vendor is new to the industry.  This may not be a bad thing, but not having much of a track record or much experience could be cause for concern.
2. This is not the full time business of the vendor.  Sometimes people make cakes, take pictures, etc as a hobby.  Again, not necessarily a bad thing but will their devotion to your wedding be at a professional level, or just an afterthought or side project for them?  You don’t want a vendor who acts like they are doing YOU a favor, especially when you are paying them.
3. The vendor is desperate for business.  They are distracted by their need for cash, so their focus is not on doing a good job.

Here are some things to look for

1. Is the vendor professional?  Do they present themselves as taking what they do seriously, or does it seem like a hobby for them?
2. Do they seem passionate about what they do and take pride in it?
3. Do they seem genuinely interested in your wedding and your vision?

Remember your vision

Remember the vision exercise?  You put the bulk of your budget towards what matters to you the most.  So, if you are not big on florals, it doesn’t matter if you hire the person off of Craigslist who is willing to make all of the boutonnieres and bridesmaid bouquets for $75 because she is just getting started.  Just remember to enter into these kinds of arrangements with your eyes wide open, and know that there is a certain amount of risk involved.