Why We Share Wedding Planning Secrets

Early in my career I was a bridal consultant in dress shop. I got to see brides in the initial planning stages of their weddings and was part of one of the most important planning decisions they made.

Over the next 25 years I planned events both large and small. And during those 25 years of planning events I uncovered an ugly truth.  Rouge and amateur vendors join the wedding industry daily and unsuspecting couples are taken advantage of.

One night while watching a popular courtroom TV show, that ugly truth came to light, a spark was lit, and EVERYTHING changed.

On the show I watched an untrained wedding planner defend herself in court after charging a young couple $1400 for nothing more than a cake tasting and giving them the name and number of a hairdresser. The young couple that sued her got left with nothing after the judge threw out their case! The wedding planner won because there was no contract. She was able to skip away freely while the couple was out $1400.

I felt so sad for the bride.  As an event planner with decades of experience, I know all about the pitfalls of hiring the wrong vendors. I know there are bad apples out there who aren’t treating brides right.

Listen, when it came time for my own wedding, I eloped!  But for this young bride who trusted and amateur for her beautiful day…her day was ruined.

It didn’t take long for my sadness about her situation to turn into anger. I realized I was fuming because if I wanted to have a traditional wedding, I could have.

I’m an event planner with decades of experience.

I’ve got tons of wedding industry contacts

But this bride got taken because she had no idea what to look for in a wedding planner. The planner she chose was a lady from their church who wanted to get stated in the wedding planning business.  A newbie passing herself off as a pro is just plain wrong.

My anger turned into compassion for brides who are getting taken by so called wedding industry professionals like this one. I made a vow then and there to help as many brides as I can stay out of their traps.

My mission is to equip YOU with the knowledge to plan a beautiful wedding with our without a wedding planner so you can enjoy your engagement and this new season of life.  I love weddings and the concept of marriage.  Choosing the right vendors and saving money is great, but the most important thing is of course your future marriage.

In addition to my event planning experience, you should know that I am a fully trained Peer Counselor with the International Center for Women’s Ministries, I am a certified SYMBIS facilitator, and I am currently studying to be a Marriage and Family Therapist at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

Consider me to be a trusted friend, your older sister, or favorite aunt who can help you on a personal and practical level as you plan your wedding.

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