5 Reasons to accept/reject a $25 engagement ring

The $25 Engagement Ring

Have you heard about this?  Its all over the internet.  Apparently Kay Jewelers has caused quite an uproar. Over the holidays they were allegedly offering a diamond and sterling silver engagement ring for $25.   Whether or not this ad is a hoax or it is real, it has definitely uncovered a hot topic for debate.  The conversations being had around the internet reveal some very strong feelings about whether or not it is acceptable to give/receive a ring like this.
So what does a $25 engagement ring mean? It can mean many things. How we react to certain situations or certain circumstances really says a lot about who we are and what we believe. Here Are 5 reasons why a $25 engagement ring is perfectly acceptable; and 5 reasons why it is never acceptable.


  1. You are broke but full of love.
  2. You and your fiance believe the ring is a sensible nod to tradition.  Your ring choice reflects your personal values, which doesn’t include spending 3 months salary on an engagement ring.
  3. You are putting your money towards something of greater value like a down payment for a home that you can begin your lives together in.
  4. The family heirloom ring is waiting for you at home, but your fiance needed a placeholder while the two of you hiked up to the perfect mountain top spot where the proposal took place. You wouldn’t want it to get lost while camping, right?
  5. You don’t believe that an expensive engagement ring will increase the quality of your relationship. The fact that he asked to spend the rest of your days as man and wife is more than enough.

Not Acceptable

  1. It could mean he has never seen a marriage work so he is not willing to make an investment in something he doesn’t really believe in.
  2. he has a closet full of $300 sneakers, expensive video games,  hunting gear, golf paraphernalia, etc and does not place the same or higher value on something to symbolize your love.
  3. It could mean you’ve been hounding him for years about getting married and he bought the ring to shut you up for the moment.
  4. He is just plain cheap
  5. it was a spur of the moment thing and you don’t know each other very well.

So, what say you?

Would you accept a $25 engagement ring?  Why or why not?